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 J.R Davidson is a non-binary person who is a Cat Mom. They currently live in San Francisco. They grew up in Texas.

They want their voice to be heard. This is their story 

My story is just the beginning


Growing up I had a pretty normal family. My biological Father left me when I was 7 weeks old. My mom meet the man who would become my father. So I lived with my parents, my little brother,2 dogs, 5 chickens and 4 cats (I know what were my parents thinking??) and that was in a three bedroom house( don't worry chickens where outside). 


I start stealing and lying at an early age (but all kids do it right??) but how did my Mother decide to handle my lying and stealing? By putting me on medicine that was meant for adults at 5. FUCKING.YEARS OLD. I was told I was bipolar I had ADHD etc I mean who does that to a 5 year old. Now I know what your thinking where was my father before you judge him my mother never let him decide. About my mother I don't know how to really explain her she is a selfish narcissistic asshole who only thinks about herself and what benefits her. like the time she let an man locked me outside in his backyard But I'll talk about that another time I need sleep.

                                                 "HEAR MY ROAR"   


                                                 Thanks for reading         

                                             J.R and Flower Cat 


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